Hunting Jackals

Adventure 2

The party makes their way back to Fallcrest, hoping to find clues about the strange lycan raiders. Their mission is urgent, as they hope to still rescue the one elf that was taken captive by the lycans. Lycia visits the home of Salty the Dwarf, a fiesty old stonemason who offers her stone-hard bread and cigar smoke. He tells of another dwarf, Thorim, who was recently wounded by jackals and is recovering at the local church of Pelor.

Phaedreon also visits the church of Pelor, and meets Lucious the Priest and his servant Anna. Sensing Phaedreon’s dark nature, the priest is eager to tell Phaedreon about the light of Pelor. They show him to Thorim, who’s wounds are being tended to. Thorim tells how jackal’s raided his mountain home and killed his father, taking his small mountain dwelling up as their own. He tells Phaedreon the location of his home – a cave in the middle of three dragontooth peaks in the stonemarch mountains. He is eager for revenge and welcomes any assistance in dispensing with the jackals.

The party visits the mansion of Lady Moonfire to see what she might know. They learn she had been dealing in herbs with an elderly lady who visits the town from time to time with her wares. Lady Moonfire sought the favor of the elves with a gift, and the old lady told her the elves would love her white orchids. She purchased and gifted these to the elves, who graciously accepted them and planted them in their garden, the same garden the jackals had vanished from after their attack. Sensing trouble and inquiring further, Lady Moonfire revealed she also purchased wine spices from the old lady, which she was planning to serve in a wine festival for the whole town. Wyleal insisted on inspecting the spices, and sure enough, he identified them as a deadly poison. The party convinced Lady Moonfire grudgingly to part with the spices, over the butler’s objections, and saved the town from a likely disaster. Sure now that the white orchids the old lady tricked Moonfire into providing the elves had something to do with the Jackal’s ability to infiltrate the forest, Wyleal s sends a warning through the primordial spirits in hopes that they will reach another attuned elder of the tribe, before another attack comes.

The party learns more rumors from the town – that the old lady who sells herbs is not what she seems. That there is a witch who’s dwelling drifts in the ether. Her lair only appears at twilight, and its location on any given evening can only be determined by vile creatures like snakes and toads. They also learn that lycans are vulnerable to silver, and that the wizards speak of a confluence of ley lines running through the Nentir Vale.

Back at the inn, the party encounters a group of 3 dangerous looking travelers from a distant land, accompanied by a harried and frightened servant. While the mysterious travelers sleep at the inn, they leave their servant out with the animals. Eidolon speaks with him and learns about his plight, and promises to free him. Each of the party has their own ‘hunch’ about the evil associated with this group, and they decide for better of for worse, to finish them off in the night as they sleep. The elves rush their doors while the assassins sneak in their windows to do their dirty work. Lycia sneaks upon and kills their leader in one deadly strike, then the party decends on the remaining two in the next room. The ensuing battle has combatants leaping in and out of windows, scaling walls, and running along the roof of the inn. As the last surviving enemy assassin is about to leap to the next rooftop to flee for safety, Eidolon, lacking a ranged weapon, plucks a shingle from the roof and flings it into the back of his head, finishing him off instantly. He plummets to the ground below. Among the treasure the party find a shopping list of poisons, and a metal case that their leader was jealously guarding. It contains… a toad.

The poor slave is freed, and the party prepares themself next morning to set off to Thorim’s father’s home in the Stonemarch Mountains, where the jackals have taken up residence and are known to have at least 1 elf captive.



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