Alarel's Crimes

The party journeyed into the Stonemarch mountains, looking for the site of Phaedrian’s old tribe were they learned Alarel had constructed an underground temple and was summoning a powerful demon, Nezul. The tribe was located at a confluence of ley lines, making it an ideal spot for powerful magic rituals. Rickers feared the demon would be set upon Myth Drannor and let in via the flowery portals. The party ran across Zeeblek the imp in the mountains, and he offered to show them the way to Alarel if they would do a task for him in exchange. Zeeblek wants a glowing gem that is currently set in the wall in the temple of Palor in Fallcrest, and claimed it was stolen from him. Phaedrian agreed to take this quest while the others were wary. Zeeblek led the party on through the mountains, and eventually they met a small camp of humans. They were escaped slaves, in fact they were led by the slave that the party freed from the assassins. They were gathering escaped slaves together and had formed a band that met at the Unicorn Inn in Winterhaven. One of the slaves had escaped from Alarel’s dungeon, and told them of drow, and darker things, and of Alarel’s evil ritual work.

Finally Zeeblek led the party to the empty site of Phaedrian’s old tribe. They found a dark cave, and solved a riddle that gave them passage through the dark steel door marked in drow language. They fought their way past drow guards, then had a harrowing experience in a room full of traps – a massive mechanical statue that swung a great sword, fire breathing dragon statues, and an alcove with arcane walls that nearly drowned Phaedrian in a deluge of water. The party worked together to defeat and disable the traps. Gathering their wits about them, they proceeded onwards through dark dungeon, hoping they would not be too late to stop Alarel’s infernal scheme…



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