Among Giants

Frost giant
Dropping in on the Giants
Having been equipped and sent on their way by the dwarves, the party trekked into the snowy peaks deep in the Stonemarch mountains in search of the frost giants whom they believed had the great wolf pelt. Suddenly, the frosty ground gave way and the party found themselves dumped right into the main audience chamber of the frost giant king Ymir and his host. There, they met Ralshash and Sorchynna, who were looking for the same pelt, but for the Corellon temple museum. Amused, the giants challenged the party to contests of wit and skill – Ralshash held his own drinking from a giant flagon, Wyleal and Eidolon told a rousing story of a fiery dragon, and Lycia nimbly took a silver goblet from the back of the storehouse without waking the giant guardian hound. After proving their worth, king Ymir was willing to part with the pelt if they would slay his mad brother Heckler, a murderous frost giant whom they banished to the clouds to make thunder and lightning his home. The giants provided magical stones that would take them to the clouds, and crystal vials with which they could bottle up the lightning.

The ensuing battle saw swirling clouds, claps of lightning, and the occasional hero tossed a long way to the ground. But in the end they prevailed, defeating the giant and winning the favor of Ymir. He gave them the pelt and the party went on their way back to Cormynthor forest to restore the pelt to its proper place on the sacred mound.

Forest Fire
Emerging from the mountains, our motley crew of humans, elves, and half breeds saw flames in the forest in several places and knew something was terribly amiss. Flames could even be seen in the impregnable city of Myth Drannor. The great magical wards of the Mythal were down and the drow had launched a full on invasion. And the drow army had made their headquarters right at the sacred mound!
Great wolf
The Great Wolf Returns
The party wasted no time gathering Melka and his surviving warriors to help them make a charge for the enemy camp. Our heroes defeated the drow priestess who led the army, casting her from the mound and placing the sacred wolf pelt in its place. Then, a strange thing happened. The spirit of the Great Wolf was roused, and he set upon the drow invaders. The drow army panicked, fleeing this way and that in chaos. But Wyleal and Eidolon, able to see into the world of nature spirits, could see the vast majestic wolf tearing into the drow army and scattering them.



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