Party in the Shadowfel

The assassins, having proven themselves, were invited by Rickers to full initiation into the Brotherhood. This involved a magical trip to the Plane of Shadow, another realm of existence like the material world; but dark, twisted, and full of gloom. It is here where the dead go to be sent to their final resting place, and the Queen of Death, the Raven Queen, holds her court. The party travelled to Gloomwrought, and at the Raven Queen’s temple the assassins pledged their service to the Brotherhood and to follow its creed:
-Stay your blade from the flesh of the innocent
-Be unseen so that your deeds may be done in secret
-Never compromise the Brotherhood
After initiation, Rickers gave them title to a manor house in the city of Neverwinter, and explained they had a serving staff their disposal.
Party at Rickers
After the initiation, our heroes were invited to a celebration at Rickers’ home. Among the guests were some unsavory characters. Besides the occasional vampire and wight, the demon imp Zeebleck was there and spent some time with Phaedreon. Also the party saw their hated enemy, a Drow. Rickers introduced them to Mortus, a male drow who was a spy working for Rickers against his own people. Mortus told them about Valeris, a powerful Eladrin wizard living in the shadowfel that had collaborated with the Venom Queen in the creation of the magic flowers that had threatened Myth Drannor. Rickers asked the party to destroy his workshop, and the perfect opportunity to gain entry to his manor was an upcoming auction. Rickers also provided Lycia with a poison, deadly to Eladrin, to use on Vickers.

An Auction
The party had to find a way to gain entry to the auction. They couldn’t persuade the auctioneer but ultimately they met a human merchant, Thatch, that took a liking to (was it Lycia or Eidolon?). After meeting Thatch for dinner at the Githzerai Galley, a fine restaurant renowned across the planes, she convinced Thatch to pay for her ticket and her “servants” to attend the auction.

The Highest Bidders
The party took their places at the auction while Lycia snuck her way upstairs to the wizard’s workshop. Dealing with a wicked lock and a shadowy serpent guardian, the party gained entrance to the room. Lycia also slipped the poison into Valeris drink. Among the items auctioned was a silver trumpet and a glowing gem that looked familiar to Phaedrean. Later in the auction however, attackers came charging through the windows. They had some kind of magical ‘grenade’ that penetrated the manor’s powerful wards. In the commotion that followed, the attackers tried to steal the silver trumpet but were defeated by the combined efforts of the party, Valeris the wizard, and his golem bodyguard. Valeris later died from the poison, the party wrecked his workshop, and left the scene.

Where Orcs fear to tread
Having completed their initiation and their mission, the party returned to the material plane. Eager to recover the pelt of the Great Wolf, Eidolon urged the party to track down the Blackfoot Orcs who were rumored to have it. The party journeyed through the Stonemarch mountains, and eventually caught up with the Blackfoot. They had a large camp. The party waited until nightfall to infiltrate. They snuck into the chiefton’s tent but the pelt was not there. Later they interrogated an orc scouting party and learned that the chiefton gave it in tribute to the frost giant king, Ymir. This matched Eidolon’s vision where she saw the orc chiefton in fear deliver the pelt to someone just out of her sight.

The Hospitality of the Dwarves
The party set out deeper into the Stonemarch mountains, climbing up into the snowy peaks. They met up with a tribe of Dwarves who were not at all displeased to here of their intentions to confront the frost giants. The dwarves provided them with warm furs and a magical belt before sending them on their way. The party headed deeper into the mountains in search of the frost giants, guided by Wyleal’s keen trackers eye.



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