The Drow Threat Named

Madness of the Aboleths

The party continued through the vast maze-like city of the Aboliths and found the control room, where mind-controlled Fey slaves were bound up and singing in the eerie sonic choir of the Aboliths for unknown mad purposes. They fought off the slimy sea creatures while deciphering and sabotaging the control system, sending the entire structure plummeting in the depths. They rescued the Fey creatures and brought them back to the forest and met again with the spirit clan, who transformed the party back to their normal air breathing selves.

From the human ranger Brannon, now revealed as a bear shape shifter, they learned that the Great Wolf, a nature spirit, protects and watches over the Cormanthyr forest. However, they have not been able to commune with this spirit ever since the sacred wolf pelt was stolen from the sacred mound. They don’t know what happened to the pelt although there is a rumor that the Blackfoot Orc tribe took it.

Back at Myth Drannor

The elves found a Dryad named Fladrif, who had planted the white flowers in the city that would have enabled the summoned demon to enter. Outraged, High Priestess Selanan had Fladrif thrown in the dungeon. The party learned that Fladrif had been a captive of the Drow deep in the underdark for over a hundred years. She was sent to perform this mission on threat to her saplings which are still held by the Drow. She indicated the Drow had other Fey prisoners, and in fact had trade with the Aboliths over Fey slaves that they enslave and corrupt. Fladrif also revealed that the Drow house Horric, under Matron Harrah, is sworn to the destruction of Myth Drannor and has been behind all the attacks against the elves for decades.


Racial Tensions

The party also learned that tensions between the humans and elves were at an all time high. Humans had been increasingly encroaching in the elven forest, goaded on by the Church of Erathis, and their teachings about building cities and subjugating nature to the needs of civilization. The party went to Fallcrest and learned a wealthy merchant, Puffus, was backing the church. He traveled in a large magical airship, brimming with powerful magical armaments. The party ultimately confronted and defeated Puffus, and learned that he was a Drow in disguise. The Erathis Priest Darren, marked by Rickers as a target, was defeated by the party assassins. Phaedrean completed an errand of his own involving a bright glowing jem. The party restored peace and order to the town, much to the delight of the Mayor. Finally, the party discovered Puffus and Church Erathis had plans to attack Myth Drannor once the magical shield, the Mythal, was down in a few days…


Seeing how Myth Drannor had already been infiltrated by the Dryad and fearing a plot to take down the Mythal, the party warned Myth Drannor and their own Surefoot tribe. Melka and his hand-picked Surefoot warriors went to Myth Drannor to help secure the Mythal against whatever treachy may be lurking among the high elves.

Now it seems there is unfinished business involving Drow House Horric, the Mythal, the pelt, and something about promises made by Rickers to the assassins if they completed their mission against Priest Darren. What is to be done? And what are the purposes of power players like Rickers, Selenon, and Prince Telendril in all this?



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