The Shadow Demon

The party fought their way through more of Alarel’s henchmen, including priests, fanatical berserkers, and vampirous minions. Lowering themselves through a pit by blood-drenched chains, they found their way into the main temple where Alarel was summoning the demon Nezul through a large archway. Alarel and his skeletal minions put the party through a desparate fight. They were constantly harried by re-animating skeletons and shadowy tentacles from the emerging demon that knocked them about and threatened to drag them into the void. Finally, the party brought down Alarel, destroyed the summoning tome, and the demon faded back into the void.

The thing in the portal

The temple chamber had more of the white flowers, and the party sent Silva through the portal to bring news to the Elves about all that had transpired, and to find out where the leak was on the other side that allowed these flowers to be placed in a courtyard garden in Myth Drannor. The party then made their way on foot out of the mountains, and into western Cormanthor forest back towards their tribal home and Myth Drannor. On the way they saw a large brown bear, and soon Brannon the human ranger came to them. Eidolon and Wyleal were told about a secret tribal community of nature spiritists that included Brannon and even Melka from the Surefoot tribe. They were offered membership and greater knowledge and communion with the spirits of nature, if they would complete a quest. They were to return to lake Wintermist, site of the strange choir sounds. There deep beneath the waters they were told the Aboliths were at work, great horrid sea monsters that were kidnapping fey creatures for unimaginable purposes. They were to rescue the fey. That night the elves participated in a tribal ritual with their new secret kindred. They beheld Brannon transform into a bear and Melka a wolf. The next morning they did not remember all the chanting, dancing, consumption of herbs, pipe smoking, and visions that came to them. But the whole party had been transformed with gills and webbed extremities, magically equipped by the spirits of nature to deal with the unnatural threats of the deep.


The party swam deep into the lake, journeying miles below the surface before finding a strange sunken temple. Inside the twisted passageways, they found strange extra-dimensional geometries, wierd symbols on the walls, and coatings of slime and mucous everywhere. They encountered an imprisoned mind flayer, who offered to fortify their minds against the aboliths in exchange for freedom. They released the mind flayer and received a strange blessing of their minds before he went on his way. Continuing through the strange passages, they found a ceremonial room where a poor nymph was about to be sacrificed by aquatic allies of the aboliths. They fought against vicious sharks, strange fish-people, and entangling seaweed before they defeated the monsters. The frightened nymph was disfigured, her bottom half turned into a dreadful squidlike thing. What other ghoulish discoveries would the party make before their undersea quest was done?

Abolith realm
Journeying through the strange submerged temple

The party has yet to encounter the nightmarish Aboliths, masters of the deep.



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